How many people, watching a jewel, have wondered what connection might exist between the desire to possess it, and also to wear it, and the goldsmith's art tradition that is deeply rooted and jealously guarded by thousands of years of history. Mankind has always sought, since ancient times, to adorn themselves with rare jewels which gave them personality, importance and prestige.


Since 1992 BAX GIOIELLI gave life to unique and exclusive creations which have as undisputed protagonist the italian gold. Creativity, craftsmanship and pursuit of detail are the BAX GIOIELLI's hallmarks, jewelery made in Italy of the highest quality. Perfect synthesis of tradition and design, the collections represent BAX GIOIELLI worldwide new classic canons of Italian jewelery, expression of a contemporary aesthetic style elegant and sophisticated.

We do repairs and modifications over gold, silver and platinum jewels', to give back to the costumer his precious as new.
In our brand new shop we exhibit our jewels and guide customers to the right choice for their shopping. We buy and sell gold and precious gems for investment with certificates, we perform appraisals on jewelry and stones.
We design and manufacture custom jewelry starting with the customer's wish, putting it on paper and then bringing it to reality with technologic and years of Vicenza's goldsmith experience, the most renowned in the world.
Bax Gioielli
Piazza libertà 42
Altavilla Vicentina
Mob.:+39 3428537620

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